Paradise in The Vault: The Vault

The cosy performance space within The Vault is framed by a stone archway that creates a proscenium arch feel in an authentic Fringe space.

The Vault is renowned for atmospheric productions that capture the imagination of audiences, such as Vampires in the Vault, Magdalen and Rats! as well as intimate comedy such as improv experts Blind Mirth.

Perfect for:

  • Solo performances
  • New work
  • Children's shows
  • Creating an intimate atmosphere
  • Sketch, improvised & stand-up comedy
  • Small cast musicals



The Vault Detail
Capacity 42 raked
Stage Size 4.0 x 3.0m (with crossover)
Height to Grid ~3.2m
Stage Height Flat Floor with black dancefloor covering
Power 63A/3 phase
Dimmers 18 channels
Lighting Desk ETC ColorSource 20
PA 400W FOH rig
Sound Desk 8 channel analogue desk
Audio Sources Twin CD, 3.5mm mini-jack, 1 x SM58 included
Projection 4000 ANSI Lumens, 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) Resolution, fixed size/position on upstage screen/tabs/stone wall


A 4m by 3m stage will be formed by black dancefloor laid over a concrete floor. The stage will be surrounded by black tabs, except for downstage left, where the lighting and sound desks will be. There are wings and entrances stage right and upstage left. There will be a narrow crossover upstage.


A projector is hung from the grid and focussed on the back tab or a simple screen. The image is approximately 2.5m wide.

4000 ANSI Lumens

1920 x 1080 (Full HD) Resolution

HDMI and VGA connections are available at the technical desk.


The general cover is a 5 area, 10 lantern wash using 650W fresnels. There is an LED colour wash compromising of 4 ETC Desire D60s. There are three profile lanterns available for spotlights or gobo effects. There are additional fresnels and LED PARs providing side and back-lighting.


A professional PA with an 8-channel mixer is available for your use.  There is a twin CD player and 3.5mm input available at the technical desk in the stage left wing.


Access to The Vault is via a short set of stairs or a wheelchair lift, with space for wheelchairs at the front of the fixed seating rake.


The proscenium arch
The proscenium arch
Seating from the stage
Seating from the stage
View from the technical desk
View from the technical desk
Stage from a corner of the auditorium
Stage from a corner of the auditorium
Small cast musicals ([title of show] - 2015)
Small cast musicals ([title of show] - 2015)
Improvised comedy (Blind Mirth - 2015)
Improvised comedy (Blind Mirth - 2015)