Technical Support

Our spaces are all fitted with technical equipment at an excellent specification for the size and type of space.  For full details of what is provided, see the information page for each space.

During your preparations for the festival our technical team will work with you to identify your technical requirements and ensure that they are suitable for your space.  Where you have specific requests beyond our standard package, we are happy for you to bring your own equipment or to help source equipment on your behalf.

When you first arrive at the venue for your “fit-up” slot we will allocate a technician to work exclusively with you during this period to ensure that everything is set up as you require.  They will also take notes so that this setup can be replicated throughout your run.

Our technicians will also be on hand before and after every performance to ensure a smooth changeover and correct set-up.  We don’t normally provide show operators to actually run the show - we ask companies to provide this for the duration of their run.  We can arrange for one of our technicians to act as a show operator for an additional charge.