Paradise in Augustines: The Studio

On the lower level of Paradise in Augustines you will find our flexible Studio. It features a wide stage and offers companies the option of either a black box or a unique, divided stage created by exposing the two additional performance areas.

The Studio has welcomed a huge variety of productions, from children’s show The Magic Den, to comedy Terry Pratchett’s Eric and WW1 drama And the Horse You Rode in On.

Perfect for:

  • Large cast drama
  • Children's shows
  • Alternative seating configurations
  • Comedy
  • Musicals
  • Audience participation



The Studio Detail
Capacity Up to 107 raked (dependent on stage configuration)
Stage Size ~8m x 3.2m (24' x 10') - Layout A (93 seats)
~8m x 6.2m (24' x 21') - Layout B (79 seats)
~8m x 4.2m (24' x 14') - Layout C (107 seats)
~8m x 2.1m (24' x 7') - Layout D (107 seats)
Stage Surface Black dance floor
Height to grid 3.6m
Dimmers 12 Channels
Lighting Desk ETC Ion
Sound Desk Behringer X32 Compact
PA 1.4kW FOH
Audio Sources Twin CD, 3.5mm mini-jack input, 2 x SM58 microphones included, Radio mics available on request
Projection Mirrored pair (1024 x 768), fixed size/position on mid-stage screen/tabs


The stage is at floor level and of a timber construction, painted matt black.

The stage is partially divided by a buttress wall; note also the central pillar shown on the plan of the space. There are fixed black tabs running all the way around the walls of the stage, including the buttress.

There is an optional black tab running across the stage approximately 0.5m downstage of the buttress wall. This can be partially or totally removed to open up either or both alcoves.  This allows the Studio to be used in four flexible staging configurations, as outlined above.

The Studio is also available in round and thrust layouts - please contact us for further information.


Two projectors are hung from the grid and focussed on the mid stage tab, mirrored one per side, with a standard VGA connection at the tech desk. Each image is 2.5m wide x 1.9m tall.


General cover is provided by a full stage, colour-changing wash of LED profiles. A number of LED wash lights complete the rig in side, top and back lighting positions. 


A professional PA, together with X32 Compact digital mixer, 16-channel digital stage box and twin CD player is available for your use.


Access to The Studio is via stairs or a ramp and wheelchair lift, with space for wheelchairs towards the middle of the seating rake.


The view from the technical desk
The view from the technical desk
One of the wing rooms which doubles as shared storage
One of the wing rooms which doubles as shared storage
The view from the seating
The view from the seating
The view from the stage
The view from the stage
Large cast drama (Terry Pratchett's Eric - 2015)
Large cast drama (Terry Pratchett's Eric - 2015)
Children's shows (Magic Den - 2015)
Children's shows (Magic Den - 2015)