HMS Pinafore

By: Gilbert and Sullivan

Company: University of St Andrews Gilbert and Sullivan Society

Climb aboard HMS Pinafore! Josephine's to be engaged to the First Lord of the Admiralty. But she’s madly in love with Ralph, a humble sailor, much to the annoyance of her strict father Captain Corcoran. Can Ralph summon the courage to confess his feelings and elope with her? What will happen when dear little Buttercup reveals a secret that could change the lives of everyone on the ship? The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of St Andrews bring Gilbert’s wittiest writing and Sullivan’s most soaring melodies to life in this lively story of turbulent love on the ocean blue.
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13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 August


17:30 - 19:15


Studio, Augustines

Ticket Prices:

Standard: £12.00
Concession: £10.00
Child: £8.00
Student: £8.00