Black Monday - The Sketch and Music Show

By: Javier Ortega - Maria Illana martinez - Ricardo Espinagosa

Company: Let's Sketch Madrid and Lunes Negro

This is the year 1929 in London, England, and based in a parallel of mankind’s history. Tom, an intuitive and talented broker, lives a life of luxury and success, more worried about his job than taking care of his private life. In fact , so much so that Emma, his girlfriend, finishes their relationship, arguing about his lack of attention to her. Shortly after, the London stock market suffers the biggest downturn in mankind´s history. This will be known as the “Black Monday”, which plummets the stock market and the whole wor ld into a general chaos, and leaves Tom ruined and unemployed. Tom wanders the streets of London with a bottle of liquor in his hand and a hopeless soul, thinking that nothing can get worse than the last few days he has lived through, when in fact ... it does get worse: several starships have landed in the suburbs of London, and the alien race does not seem to be the friendliest... The aggressive aliens start attacking the human race with gamma radiation without any previous notice. Wandering the streets of the city among the ruins, Tom finds a man sitting in a park reading the newspaper, with whom he will start a very interesting conversation...which may actually change the course of history...
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15, 16, 17, 18, 19 August


00:10 - 01:00


Studio, Augustines

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Standard: £5.00
Concession: £4.00
Family: £16.00