Paradise in the Kirkhouse - The Hall

The Kirkhouse Hall at the Edinburgh FringeThe Hall is the largest room of the venue, built as a performance space. Paradise Green will lay it out as an end-on auditorium with 70 seats on a shallow rake. The stage will be approximately 4m x 2.75m, flat on the floor, with black tabs round three sides and a wing-space either side. There is a door in the stage-left wing to a corridor which will not be public; the dressing room is close by on that corridor. The stage-right wing has doors to the area which will be used for set storage. (Both of these rooms will be shared between all the groups performing in the venue). 

The technical desk is on the balcony, accessed from the upper floor of the venue.

The roof has three large skylights sloping to the North, and blackout facilities were built into the design.

The Hall Detail
Capacity 70 raked
Stage Size 4.0 x 2.750m (with crossover)
Height to Grid TBC
Stage Height Flat floor
Dimmers 24 channels
Lighting Desk Jester ML 24
Sound Desk 16 channel mixing desk
PA Stereo FoH, 140W/channel
Audio Sources CD, 3.5mm mini-jack input
Projection 1024x768, fixed size/position on back tab or sheet screen

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