Posters and Flyers


We provide space in our venue to display your posters, which will be seen by everyone who visits us.  Elsewhere in Edinburgh there is limited space for posters, and strict rules on fly-postering, so we recommend that you only produce enough posters for display in our venue. and possibly a small amount to use across Edinburgh.

All posters and flyers must comply with the guidelines below.


We also provide some space for your flyers, however these are most effective when handed out to the public. We can provide vouchers to accompany these - see our advice in the Box Office resources.

Style Guide

Posters Flyers
Size Must be A3 Recommend A5, A6 or DL
Orientation Must be Portrait Must be Portrait
Branding Requirements Must contain unedited Paradise Green banner, full width across the bottom of the design.

The banner must be either blue on white or white on blue. You should not duplicate the information contained in the banner elsewhere in your design (except the show title and company name).
See poster guidance.
Printing & Paper [Recommend 250 GSM, full colour] [Recommend 250 GSM, full colour]
Volume For display in our venue:
1 week run: 20
2 week run: 25
3 week run: 30

1 week run: 1,000
2 week run: 2,000
3 week run: 3,000

Please note that the unit cost of printing usually decreases with higher volumes.

Fringe Hype

We have continued our partnership with Fringe Hype, who offer great-looking, great-value, no-hassle design and print services.  Their team are fully versed in our venue requirements and have a lot of experience designing marketing material for shows at our venue and across the Fringe.

For more information please visit their website.


Once printed, some of your posters and flyers should be delivered to us between 2nd and 5th August.  Posters received after these dates will not be able to be displayed in the venue until our next dark day. Our dark days for 2020 are: 16th and 23rd August.   This could be a week after you have arrived, so please aim for your print to be delivered on time.

The delivery address is:

Paradise Green Marketing Team
Augustine United Church
41 George IV Bridge

We can only store a small quantity of print materials, therefore please avoid having large batches delivered to us.  We will ask you to take away any surplus materials.