All publicity material relating to your show must adhere to our branding guidelines; and be approved by the Press and Marketing team. For posters, flyers and any other printed materials, the team must sign these off before you send them to print.


We will provide you with a banner to use on your posters and flyers as per our Style Guide. This will contain our logo, the Show Title, Dateline, Venue and Box Office details.

We automatically prepare an A3 portrait banner (for your poster) and an A4, A5 and A6 portrait banner (for flyers). To access these banners you should go to your dashboard and download it by going to the appropriate entry in the Shows menu. If you need any other formats or specifications (for example, for Fringe programme adverts) please contact us to discuss. 

The banner will only become available once the contract has been issued and you have supplied date/pricing information for the show. This will be marked as DRAFT until after the Fringe deadline so you MUST download a final copy of the banner after 11 April 2018.

Please note: we will refuse to display your posters in the venue if they are not correctly branded. Please see our Style Guide for more information