Performing companies will be provided with their contract shortly after they have accepted their offer to perform with Paradise Green.  Companies should read and confirm acceptance with the contract they are provided, however prospective companies can read this sample contract if required before accepting their offer.

Sample Contract

Our contracts contain several parts:

Contract Section Notes
Underlicence The Underlicence contains the parts of the contract that are specific to your show. It names the performing company as well as defining the performance space, the dates and times of the slot, and the payment amounts and timing. Your Underlicence may differ from our standard template, if there is something unusual about your particular show.
General Terms and Conditions The General Terms and Conditions are common to all our contracts.
Technical Schedule The Technical Schedule is specific to each performance space and you will be provided with a version that covers the space in which you are performing. The one referenced here is for the Sanctuary in Paradise in Augustines.
Fringe Society Company Code of Conduct We require our performing companies to follow the Fringe Society Company Code of Conduct.  The aim of this code is to improve the Fringe experience for everyone, and is designed to be a statement of intent and commitment.