Ticket Pricing

The pricing of your tickets is entirely up to you, but you should take account of factors such as show length, cast size, etc. Prices must be kept to a multiple of 50p, this is a Fringe requirement.

We recommend participating in the following Fringe Society discount schemes: 2-for-1 days (first Monday and Tuesday of the festival), 10% Group Discount, Friends of the Fringe.  You can find out more about the Fringe Society schemes here.

Other things you might want to consider: 

  • marking the first one or two performances as "previews" and charging a slightly lower price to get an early audience in (works best if you are running for two or more weeks).
  • charging a higher rate for Friday/Saturday performances when the festival is busiest. This can help spread the audience over the week, and also make you a little extra income (but carries the risk that people might be put off by the higher price and go to another show instead).


We are happy to discuss your proposed ticket prices and offer our advice.  We can also give you a copy of our brochure from last year to act as a guide.

During your run you may choose to offer ad-hoc offers, or make some of your tickets available via the Half Price Hut.

Ticket Types

Everybody sitting in the auditorium must be issued with a ticket - this includes members of your company such as the director or producer, if they are watching the show.

There are a wide variety of ticket types which can be issued and the two tables below list the most common.  The ID is shown on your box office reports, which are explained in more detail below.

The main tickets are:

Ticket TypeIDDescription
FullFFull price ticket
ConcessionCOStandard concession ticket, which unless you instruct us otherwise is issued to Children (under 18); Students; Senior Citizens and people with a disability. It is possible to offer specific concessions to any of these groups of people.
FamilyFAFamily tickets admit four people (maximum two adults)

Other ticket types are:

Ticket TypeIDDescription
PressPRAny member of the Press showing a Fringe Press Pass can be issued a free Press ticket.  When one of these tickets is issued we collect the individuals details to allow us to follow up with them after the performance.
Company CompCCThese are complimentary tickets issued with the permission of specified members of performing companies.  If you wish certain people to see your show for free (e.g. friends or supporters) then these tickets will be issued.
Venue CompVCVenue comps are only issued with the direct permission of one of the Paradise Green Directors.  Up to 6 of these may be issued per performance.
ReciprocalRCFree tickets issued to Paradise Green companies or staff, and for staff at other associated venues.  These are issued on a standby basis and priority will always be given to paying customers.
PaperingPCIf you wish to give our free tickets whilst flyering we will issue you with vouchers which are exchanged for a Papering Comp when the audience member presents the voucher at box office.
WheelchairWCWhen a customer users a wheelchair, it is necessary to remove two seats from sale to accommodate the wheelchair.  A wheelchair comp is issued to take that additional seat off sale.
CarerCRWhen a customer with a disability buys a ticket, if they need a personal assistant to accompany them then a free ticket will be issued to this individual.

Box Office Reports

You will be able to access online reports through our box office system, which will give you up-to-date sales information, broken down by sales channel (Fringe Society or Paradise Green) and ticket type (as outlined above).

You will be notified when your log in has been set up, and will be able to access it via the Performing Companies Dashboard.