Ticket Offers and Discounts

We can assist with many discount schemes, however please contact the Press and Marketing team about your idea before advertising anything, so that we can make sure that it will work within the constraints of our computerised ticketing system. We can usually suggest alternatives if there is a problem!

Half Price Hut (HPH)

The Half Price Hut is organised by the Fringe Society and has a physical box office, normally located near Princes Street.  Companies can choose to allocate a certain number of tickets to the HPH, on a daily basis, which are then available for sale at half price.  Because we operate a linked box office, we are able to facilitate your requests directly with the HPH.


It is often effective to offer discounts whilst flyering, so to facilitate this we will provide you with vouchers for either a nominal discount (e.g. 50p / £1 off) or for 2-4-1 or free entry.  Vouchers can be arranged through the press and marketing team.


With advance notice, our box office staff will be able to grant discounts to customers who use code words.  In the past we have seen audience members jump up and down, shout "ninja" or do a little happy dance - so really the possibilities are endless!

Bespoke Ideas

We will gladly support and offer advice for any bespoke discounting ideas you have.  In previous years we supported a show which addressed food poverty, and in exchange for audience members donating a tin of food at the box office they were granted a discount on their ticket.  We are incredibly flexible and always willing to help with any amazing ideas you come up with.