Venue Passes

We will provide each member of your company with a venue pass and free lanyard during your induction at Paradise Green.

It is important to look after your pass, as these grant access to our back of house areas.  For security reasons we require all company members to wear their passes whilst in these areas. You are liable to be challenged if your pass is not visible (except for performers in costume).

Your pass will also allow you to make use of free ticket deals in our venues, and any discounts that other venues may offer to performers.

To help us prepare your passes we ask that you provide details of your company members, including uploading individual pictures, in advance.  Your passes will then be available to collect during your induction.

Venue Pass Photographs

Photos for Paradise Green passes should:

  • Show the full head, plus hair and top of shoulders
  • Be relatively close range and be in focus! (but not too close)
  • Be of just one person
  • Be facing forward with open eyes
  • Have a light, even background, for example a painted wall.
  • Be a recent photo which matches features like current hair style/colour. 

Tip: For large companies like youth groups, having a pre-arranged photo session at a rehearsal is a fun and easy way to get the photos done quickly!

Size & Format: We only accept digital photos. The photos need to be jpg files and be a maximum of 1.5Mb in size. No other type of file will upload. It is not important whether they are landscape or portrait format as we will crop all photos to our required size & shape. 

The simplest way is to use a digital camera or a camera phone. Make sure when you upload them to your computer that they are saved as jpg files.

Upload Instructions

You should log in to the Performing Companies Dashboard and from there you can manage the people for your show by clicking the 'Show: <showname>' link in the 'People' menu.

If you have been with us before, you may find a list of people in 'Add roles for existing person' (not all previous people will show up). If you select people from that list first before adding new people you will save yourself time.

We ask that when you give us details of people in administrative roles (Technicians, Producers, Directors, Marketing etc.) that you also supply us with contact details for them.

Once you have entered the names (and roles) for the people involved with your show you can upload the photo for their pass by clicking on the "add photo" link against their name in the list. You can also change the photo for someone by clicking on their name and then following the "Edit Photo" link.

Tip: If you right-click the 'add photo' link for each name on the list and select 'open link in a new tab' you can add the photos really quickly. Just click refresh when you've finished, on the main page with the list on, and all the photos you've uploaded will show up.