Performing Rights

As a general rule, all shows performed need the associated rights. Exceptions to this rule are where the work is an original piece devised by the group, or where the show is out of copyright. 

If in doubt, please see the Fringe Society guidance on copyright and rights.

Music Rights

If you are performing a piece of work with specially written music (e.g. a musical) then you need to get permission directly from the rights holder (as noted above).

However, any use of music is likely to require copyright authority and performing companies are required to arrange the appropriate licence.  The Fringe require all companies to complete the PRS form, regardless of whether or not your show includes music. 

Paradise Green holds a Background and Incidental Music licence which covers:

  • Background, incidental, curtain and/or scene change music being played in performance spaces (where this is the only music used as part of a show and no licence fee is being otherwise paid to PRS for Music)
  • Background music being played in other areas such as foyers, cafes and bars


For more information on music licencing, please refer to the Fringe Society website.