You are responsible for arranging Public Liability Insurance which covers your whole company.  This is compulsory and we will require a copy of the certificate of insurance before your first performance.  Please email this to prior to arrival in Edinburgh.

The exact insurance cover you require will depend upon your show, but we require a minimum cover of £1 million.  We don't require you to take any other insurance, but please note the limit of our liability below and ensure that any props/set etc stored at our venue are covered if valuable.

The Fringe Society provide additional guidance on insurance options, and recommend several independent insurance providers.

Liability for Damage and Loss

We do not accept responsibility for company property lost or damaged on our premises unless this is a direct result of negligence by us or our staff.

You should ensure that items of value are removed from the premises and/or covered by insurance. Valuable personal possessions should not be left unattended around the venue. In particular you should not leave them in the dressing room areas during your performances.

You will be responsible for the cost of damage caused by carelessness or negligence of your company members to our property, hired equipment and to the fabric or fittings of the buildings. We will issue guidance on care of the venues on your arrival in Edinburgh – please make sure that all members of your group are briefed on the information it contains.