Fringe Society Registration

The Fringe Society registration is mandatory for all our performing companies, however it is money well spent! 

In addition to your listing in the Fringe Society printed programme (for registrations completed prior to the brochure deadline in April) your show will also be sold at their Box Office, and online through their website and app.

The Fringe Society also offer independent advice and support for participants, and provide events through Fringe Central.

Registering your show

We will complete the Fringe Society registration for all of our performing companies.  The cost of this registration is not included in your venue hire fee, so you will be provided with an invoice for the cost (this depends on the number of performances, and whether you register in advance of the discount deadline).

In order to complete you registration we will ask you to provide us with the necessary information.  We will then collate this with information we already hold about your show and provide to the Fringe Society.

For more information, including the current registration fees, please see the information on the Fringe Society website here.

External guides

We recommend that our companies read the following guides provided by the Fringe Society before providing us with their registration information:



Access to the Fringe Society registration

Now that your show is onsale you can access your EdFringeware registration to view your information and edit certain fields. To gain access you will need to:

  1. Make a user on EdFringeware. If you do not already have a profile on EdFringeware please go to the website and make one (please opt in to searches so we can find you). This must be in the name of the Primary Contact that you supplied us.
  2. Let us know when you have done this and we will provide access.  When this is complete you should get an email notification and will then be able to read all your information.
  3. You can add information e.g. company members, media links either via Edfringeware or by emailing your request directly to
  4. If you need to edit your copy or change ticket prices you'll need to inform us so that we can keep on top of any changes which should be in our system too.