Box Office Payouts

Because we operate on a flat-fee model, you will receive all of your box office takings.  We will deduct any outstanding invoices owed to us before paying out your box office takings.

Depending on where these tickets are sold, you can receive your takings as outlined below.

Paradise Green Box Office

We do not deduct a commission on tickets sold by the Paradise Green Box Office. 

We can make cash payouts during your run one day in arrears (e.g. you can collect the money for Monday's performance on Tuesday, etc.).  If requested in advance the payout for your final performance can be available immediately after your last show.

We can also transfer your takings direct to your bank account, as long as you provide us with the appropriate details.

Fringe Society Box Office

Please note that the Fringe Society deduct 4% (+ VAT) off all sales, and make PRS deductions where appropriate.

Ticket income from sales made by the Fringe Society Box Office will be transferred to Paradise Green, usually by the end of September.  We will transfer the net takings we receive on to you in full. Assuming we have been provided with bank account details this will typically be no later than mid-October.

There is further information regarding the Fringe Society Box Office and their settlement process available online using these links.